David Merrick is the Coolest Guy in America

coolest guy in america
The Coolest Guy in America, himself.

But David, how do you know you're the Coolest Guy in America?

Because Google says so. And Google is never wrong. Period.

Before you start thinking I'm conceited, let me tell you what this site is really about. I wanted to rank a site for my first SEO project. I recognized an opportunity for both experimentation and shameless self promotion, but "Coolest Guy on the Planet" and other similar terms were very competitive so I decided to roll with Coolest Guy in Oregon as the phrase to rank for. You can check out that site here: www.coolestguyinoregon.com

To my surprise (about the amount of time, not about the total lack of competition or traffic), my site was first for that keyword in under 7 days. So I wanted more of a challenge. More competition than just being at the top of 35,000 pages. So I aimed higher. I aimed to be the top page for The Coolest Guy in America, a search that yields 20 million results.

To see how I did, check out my Blog of my progress.

And if you're curious, here's how I did it:

  1. I Picked my Keywords
  2. Optimize On-Page
  3. Optimize Off-Page
    1. I got links from other relevant sites
    2. I submitted my site to Google
    3. I made a sitemap and submit it to Google
    4. I told related sites about my site
    5. I got my site in directories

Wesley Risenmay is pretty cool, too

Due to his mad golf and ping pong skills (and betting abilities), as proven during an epic, neck-in-neck golf and ping-pong championship in which he won both we tied, I crown Wesley Risenmay Co-"Coolest Guy in America." My good friend, Collin McCready, is the Coolest Guy in the USA.

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David Merrick